During this edition of the Dutch Design Week, the Urban CampScape offers the accomodations to spend the night as a urban adventurer in the heart of design-Eindhoven: Strijp-S. The space underneath the so called ‘Strijps Bultje’ will be the stage for a city-campsite and will prove to be thé hangout of the Dutch Design Week. Both day and night, there will be a varied program with interactive, relaxing and informative activities. Guests and visitors will feel at home right away, sitting in the Field kitchen made by Ontwerpstudio BOMM, eating the local and organic breakfasts, lunches and diners of (H)eerlijk Anders. 

Boredom is not an option at the Urban CampScape. Our workshop Guerilla Gardening or salsa-dancing will definitely keep you awake. Or would you prefer to spend your day thinking about and designing the future form and role of this specific site? When the day ends at most DDW sites, the Urban CampScape intends to go on for a little longer. Both saturdays there will be live music by The New Habit and Vilt. Or do you rather play board-games with perfect strangers or care for a lazy night of watching a movie? This is the place to be!

The choice for this location isn’t coincidental: it is an under exposed, but at the meantime much discussed, space in Eindhoven, full of potential. It also forms one of the intersections on the, still to develop, Green Corridor: the lush green connection between Eindhoven and the Green Forest. Through the Urban CampScape and all the events and activities attached to it, the potential of the place and the roll she can play in the city will be researched.

Temporary design and sustainability are the two guiding themes. Temporality because it uncovers the entire place without any restrictions and rules which permanent projects brings along. Sustainability because it is self-evident. By working with local parties and residents, we also try to accomplish a certain degree of social sustainability. Constantly changing, temporary activites and functions create a CampScape that constantly changes form and meaning. It is a showcase of what temporary art, urban design and events can mean for a city and how a temporary project can reach a lasting, positive contribution to the place and it’s surroundings.