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Foldable Soullmate

Soullmate is pop-up furniture. With her heated seats and folding ability it will make an event surprising and comfortable. Each Soullmate has integrated heated seats that will keep two people warm: even when it is 0˚C outside. The bench, table and pallet together have a dimension of 120 x 120 x 110 cm, which can fold to a height of 35 cm. This makes the Soullmate easy to transport and store. In a short period of time you can create an event space with a great atmosphere. Guests will get a unique and comfortable dining experience in an open space. And what about temporary workplaces or a movie theatre in a park? Sitting next to each other in a Soullmate, combined with her warmth, shows how special each place can be.
Soullmate is a Dutch design product by Design Studio BOMM and Sit & Heat.
More information: SOULLMATE.COM